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Classes, Pottery Decorating & Parties


At the Secret Garden Play Café we pride ourselves on having new innovative ideas for entertaining children.

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Sensory Room

A peaceful stimulating space in which adult & child can explore freely around the room. With sounds, moving lights, musical toys, feely bags and bubble tubes with fish

£5.50 per child for one hour
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1PM – 5PM

Mini Soft Play

A fun exciting room for your little ones to enjoy the ball bit, slide, ride ons, buggies and our latest addition being THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE on a roller coaster track

Last entrance is 4pm

£2.50(Unlimited time) Book Here

10:10AM-10:50AM(non walkers)   11-11:50AM(walkers)

Singing Cygnets Music

*NEW* Come and try our new music class with instruments, puppets, Makaton signing & singing games. All run by qualified teachers

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Mini Soft Play

  A fun exciting room for your little ones to enjoy the ball bit, slide, ride ons, buggies and our latest addition being THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE on a roller coaster track!

£2.50 (Unlimited Play)
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Mummy & Baby Yoga

An energising and strength building yoga for mums, followed by yoga for baby and mummy.

Contact Louisa on 07830158024 to book!


Sensory Room

Scientists have proven that babies under 1 benefit hugely from sensory rooms as their brains have a higher ability to absorb and channel the information which develops brain function and calms moods.

£5.50 per child for one hour
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Kids Yoga Club – YOGIKI

A yoga class for 2-4 yr olds designed to help develop flexibility, strength and posture through playing fun yoga games.

Contact Lena –

  2PM – 4PM

Sensory Room is on again helping us to keep numbers down. £5.50 per child for one hour
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Sensory Room Come explore the wonders of our lights and sounds and give your baby best start in life and also be relaxed yourself. £5.50 per child for one hour
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Mini Soft Play
Once again we have our fun run around which can also be booked for groups/ meet ups for just £45 an hour!
Last entrance is 4pm £2.50 (Unlimited Play)           book here

***WE ARE NOW OPEN ON SUNDAYS!! (mini soft play open unless a party)***


Special Events in July

  • July 2nd – relaunch party 10-4pm
  • July 5th – coffee morning- £5 per head includes free goody bag, half price sensory voucher and of course a hot or cold drink. Booking open soon!
  • FREE plant your own flower session coming soon. We will be enjoying our outdoor space with  a 30 minute gardening class where children can come along and help us brighten up our window sills. Each child will have a seed to plant in their own named pot and will talk about what plants need to grow and how they look when they grow. On future visits, they are welcome to water and check in on their plant. Limited space and BOOKING COMING SOON!

Did you know you can book out our café for evening events too. Our most popular is our pottery evening, at  £13 per head we offer you the place exclusively with a mug each to paint and nibbles provided. PLUS you can bring your own bottle of booze (minimum of 8 adults booking)

The Sensory room is a brand new space in which adult and child can go in and explore freely around the room in their own time. It has sounds, amazing moving lights, endless activities and toys to hold which have been all created to stimulate your child in a whole new way. This is a space limited class due to ambiance we wish to create so please do book in advance to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget if you re book another session after you finish one you can get it HALF PRICE!! That’s only £2.75!! Check out our video.

Mini Soft Play time is literally what it says on the tin ! Under your supervision, your child can enjoy the Den room downstairs with slide, ball pit, seasaw and our latest addition is THOMAS tank engine ride on roller coaster track!! Once again please do try book ahead to guarantee a space.

Mummy & Baby Yoga is an energising and strength building yoga class for mums followed by yoga for baby and mummy. Come and meet other local mums whilst connecting with your baby, reclaiming your body and giving yourself some well deserved “me time” in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Suitable for all levels of yoga experience and babies up to crawlers. CONTACT LOUISA ON 07830158024 TO BOOK.


baby2Yogiki (Yo-gi-ki) is a fun filled 45 min yoga class aimed at 2-4 year old. Designed to help children develop flexibility, strength, balance and posture by exercising their bodies whilst also learning to breathe properly and balance their energy levels.Through playing fun yoga games, storytelling, dancing, listening to music, singing to yogi songs & rhymes children will strengthen their senses, relax their minds and balance their emotions. CONTACT LENA AT OR CALL 07807064034 TO BOOK.


Arts and Crafts is a new idea which you can do on the café floor with your little one ANYTIME  and be as messy and creative as they so wish. Through play with various materials and crafts they will develop many skills as they choose from STICKING, CREATING or  PAINTING!! For only £2.50 per child, all you need to do is just show up. (We do ask larger groups to contact us directly on the website to book).

Pottery Decorating

Perfect to do with your friends or a precious moment with your little one to make a memory for life. Pottery creations are great gifts for everyone and can be done whilst sitting down in our café having a coffee. We do not charge for studio time, all you pay for is the item you wish to paint and can collect 1.5 weeks later. Great environment for you to then let your little ones go off and play whilst you can have a go yourself! Our staff are on hand to help with hand and foot prints and give your child a talk through how to do it and help their creative juices flow.

Paint a plate – £8.95

Paint a mug – £7.95

Paint a Star hanger (could be used for a medal)  –£6.50



At Secret Garden Play Café we offer a simple relaxed party plan for various ages and with so many options it can be tailor made to make it that special day it should be for you and your child.

1)You can hire the toddler run equipment and room for just £45 per hour which is perfect fun for first or second year old birthday parties.

2 )Another option for baby’s first birthday is hiring the sensory experience for £45 which is an amazing alternate choice.

football3) **NEW** We are now offering an amazing party package too good to refuse! Hire the entire café as well as our room downstairs, either with sensory, soft play or disco for just £105 for 2 hours. This enables you to enjoy both aspects of either playing or relaxing in our café. We still do party food for children at £5.50 per head or select one of our yummy adult sandwich platters. Followed by singing Happy Birthday with your birthday cake. It allows for larger parties and gives you an exclusive venue all to yourself and no washing up! You can also privately hire on Saturdays as well as Sundays and also after school.  Extras you opt for are a) face painter – we have our own member of staff you can hire b) bring in an entertainer or choose some of options c) have an arts and crafts table set up in the café.

4)For birthdays 4 years and upwards we offer pottery decorating parties on the café floor, these parties offer amazing creative fun where children can paint a plate masterpiece which they can later collect and keep as a memory of their friend’s birthday party to treasure forever. After painting, the children then have a disco for 30 mins before their food.The birthday child also gets an extra plate which all the children who attend add their finger prints to, as a beautiful reminder of everyone who celebrated their special day (only for 8+ parties). Costs are £14.45 per head and include a plate and the party food. You can also privately hire the whole café for £105, we will reduce it in half to just £55 and give the disco for FREE when you have a pottery party!

After all these choices we then put together a party food package for you upstairs at a reserved table where all the mess and prep work is taken care of so you can enjoy the memories too. At £5.50 per head for food, you get a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls or cocktail sausages, vegetable sticks, pom bears and then individually decorated fairy cakes. Saving enough time to sing happy birthday and help cut up the cake.